Montréal’s aerospace sector aims for the sky

published on March 30, 2017
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Within the international aerospace sector, Montréal is a true rarity – one of the few cities in the world where all the required pieces to build an aircraft are available within a 30-kilometre radius of the city. Tip to tail! Home base to several leading companies and aerospace organizations, Montréal is an indispensable part of the world’s top trio of preeminent aerospace cities, alongside Seattle and Toulouse. An active, groundbreaking hub of research, advancement, and construction, Montréal is truly a city with its head in the clouds.



Montréal’s aerospace interests are wide and varied, from invention to maintenance. The manufacturing sector offers active production of aircraft both business and commercial, helicopters, landing gear, and engines. R&D activity in Montréal includes trendsetting avionics and leading-edge flight simulators. And besides forging the way in new technological advances, Montréal also keeps pre-existing aircraft flying sky-high as a primary international centre of maintenance and repair.

And if those shiny aircraft themselves weren’t streamlined enough, the MACH initiative led by Aéro Montréal, aims to increase Québec-based productivity and competitiveness while acting as catalyst towards greener production and supply chains. These initiatives guarantee Greater Montréal’s continued place at the forefront of international aerospace development.


  • Montréal is home to the world’s second-largest density of aerospace jobs: 42,000 people work within or related to the sector, and one person in 93 works in a job related to the aerospace sector.

  • The concentration of Canadian aerospace initiatives housed in Québec accounts for 55% of Canadian aerospace sales, and more than half of the entire job force in the national aerospace industry.
  • The aerospace industry in Québec accounts $15.5 billion in annual sales, of which 80% comes from exports.
  • Québec receives 70% of Canadian spending on research and development performed in the country, with Montréal hosting 98% of the province’s aerospace activity.
  • Prepping the next generations of aerospace workers, Montréal’s four major universities count over 18,000 students enrolled in aerospace-related programs. More than 4500 students graduate annually.



Québec is home to over 235 cutting-edge aerospace companies whose operations run the gamut from initial conception to manufacture. Some leaders include:

Getting massive hunks of metal to fly through the cosmos isn’t easy, but Montréal’s aerospace sector is just as brainy as it is brawny. Home to 10 of the world’s major aerospace research centres, Montréal employs more than 13,000 specialized scientists and engineers. The city also hosts some of the world’s most important aerospace organizations, whose collective strategies keep the sector in the air.


Furthering a civic embrace of all things aerospace, the Palais de congrés de Montréal plays host to the second edition of International Aerospace Week April 3-7. An opportunity for the worldwide aerospace community to gather and exchange ideas via a full program of presentations, luncheons and networking, IAW 2017 sharpens focus on the ever-changing evolution of the aerospace sector, with Montréal the perfect host.



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