Something for everyone: A Montréal venue roundup

published on December 26, 2018
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There’s several reasons for Montréal’s spot as a leading event city (not to mention some shiny awards and titles up on the mantelpiece), and next to the ease of getting here, stellar accommodations and world-class dining offers on hand, one of the biggest is the wealth of unforgettable venues across the city. We’ve put together this roundup to help you find the perfect location for your event and know you and your attendees will soon be exclaiming, “formidable!”

For those thinking big

Montréal’s conference centre is the award-winning Palais des congrès de Montréal, an innovative and groundbreaking architectural wonder that’s listed in 1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die. Nominated by APEX as the World’s Best Congress Centre, the Palais des congrès’ nearly 500,000 square feet of exhibition space meets AIPC Gold Quality Standards and is also BOMA BESt 3-certified. Its location at the heart of the city between Old Montréal and downtown also puts attendees within 10 minutes of some of the city’s finest cultural spaces, cafés and shopping. And there’s even a rooftop farm and vineyard (and honey production initiative) that Palais chefs use for on-site catering.

For high rollers after a bit of glitz and glamour

The iconic Casino de Montréal was built for the unforgettable Expo 67 and has been a beloved part of the city’s skyline for 50 years. It’s not only the biggest casino in Canada, but also an eye-popping host location for meetings and events. From cocktail events and receptions to exhibitions and galas, there’s a space to suit every need. (Expo fans also won’t want to miss these other remaining sites close by!)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a great venue space!

From the observation points of Mount Royal to the gleaming towers downtown, if there’s one thing Montréalers love, it’s a good viewpoint. So it comes as little surprise that several of the city’s best event spaces are also its highest. Here’s six Montréal venues that rise above it all.

For those who tread off the beaten path

Some of Montréal’s most exciting spaces are those you may not notice at first glance, and every neighbourhood brings its own flavour to an event. From lakeside pavilions to punk bars, here’s 10 undiscovered gems worth a second look that your attendees will talk about long after returning home.

Make it grand

Big ideas need big spaces, and some of Montréal’s epic locales will leave a unique one-of-a-kind impression. From outdoor stadiums to classy symphony halls, here’s six of Montréal’s grandest venues where you can let your imagination run wild.

Make it theatrical

Montréal’s link to the performing arts is strong and long-lived, and the city is home to an internationally renowned group of artists, playwrights and musicians. Host your next event in one of the city’s beloved theatre spaces, and get ready to shine in the spotlight.

Get tech – and strategic

Montréal is a world leader in cutting-edge fields like neuroscience and AI, and the city is spotted with diverse venues perfect for tech events and strategic meetings to look to the future in a befitting setting.

Make it timeless

Old Montréal and the Old Port are more than just a pretty as a postcard piece of history, they’re both vibrant and trendsetting areas for meetings. And outside of those neighbourhoods, there’s also multiple ways to call back to bygone eras in some timeless event spaces that effortlessly blend the past, present and future.

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