Montréal is hosting one of the world’s most important triathlon events

published on June 2, 2022
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Montréal has traditionally hosted a triathlon each year. This year is extra special because Montréal’s Groupe Copley World Triathlon will also be hosting the World Triathlon Sprint and Relay Championships. In the heart of Old Montréal, 1500 international amateur athletes will compete for the title of World Champion. The energy is going to be incredible.

Where will the Triathlon happen?

The event will take place between June 24 - 26, at Le Grand Quay of the Port of Montréal. The modern structure offers the highest quality indoor and outdoor facilities, including an immense green roof featuring 24,000 flowering and aromatic plants. Located beside the St. Lawrence River, the closed course ensures the safety of the athletes and offers an impressive show for spectators at various locations along the triathlon course — all in the heart of Montréal.

Also, it’s also an eco-responsible event…

The local event organizers have put in place objectives and measures in order to obtain ÉcoTQ Gold certification. The criteria of the International Triathlon Federation's sustainable development guide were also taken into consideration. Initiatives include eliminating Styrofoam, recycling face masks, using reusable or compostable glasses and plates, offering voluntary carbon footprint offsets for participants at registration, and many more ecological considerations.

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We’re hosting the World Triathlon Para Series, too!

The World Triathlon Para Series Montréal will be hosted on Friday July 8, two weeks after the Montréal Sprint & Relay Championships. The event will take place in Parc Jean Drapeau, where the Formula 1 circuit is located. It’s an ideal setting for medal events — six male and six female — scheduled for the second stage of the Para Series in 2022.

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What makes Montréal a good destination for sports events?

Montréal is historically a sports city. We’re the only Canadian city to have hosted the Summer Olympics. We have the most decorated hockey team in the history of the NHL. Annually, we host a world-famous pro tennis tournament and a wildly popular race car driving competition. According to the Canadian sport hosting index (CSHI) in 2018, 2019, and 2020, Montréal was the top city for hosting sports events in Canada.

We have the infrastructure and the events. But it goes beyond great facilities — we also have a community of people that love to watch sports, a community that comes out to participate in sporting events. In other words, from the beginning stages of event planning to the sidelines of the competition, Montréal is right beside you each step of the way.


Cheat Sheet

Event: Groupe Copley World Triathlon Championship Series, Sprint & Relay

Dates: 24 – 26 June 2022

Venue: Grand Quay of the Port of Montréal

Address: 200 Commune Street West



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