What makes Montréal a top sports event destination?

published on March 4, 2021
Sporting event What's New in Montréal

Montréal is always game to play. No matter what the calibre — amateur or professional — sports is part of Montréal’s culture and history. You can see it as you move through the city: kids playing soccer in the alleys, young professionals jogging during lunch-hour, pick-up basketball games at sunset, and folks of all ages rallying around the television to cheer on our major league teams.

We’re a competitive city. But more so than winning, we value relationships and time spent together. Montréal’s modern facilities enable its citizens to spend time together, to gather. And when it comes to hosting sporting events at our various venues, we’ve seen it all, from pee wee league tee-ball to the summer Olympics.

Maybe we’re the right fit for your event, too.

We have the venues

Montréal’s Olympics legacy (as hosts of the 1976 Summer Games) is still going strong. The venues constructed for the historic games have undergone consistent upgrades and are still hosting world-class sporting events over 40 years later. The city’s numerous architectural infrastructures also include specialized sport-specific sites, with something for every discipline and every level of competition. No matter how large or small the event, Montréal has a winning venue that participants will love.

We’re team players

Backed by the confidence, will, and involvement of a wide variety of collaborative stakeholders — such as sports federations, athletes, officials, event promoters, and government authorities — Montréal is known worldwide as a prime destination for sports events of all sizes. And while many cities have great infrastructure, our ability to play (and organize) as a team that differentiates Montréal from other destinations.

We know how to accommodate

Montréal’s experienced organizers, clubs, and federations know competitive sports inside- out, and we are home to qualified coaches, officials, and top-level athletes to make sure your participants are welcomed as VIPs. Our sports expertise is complemented by excellent organizational, technical, and hosting services with a demonstrated track record of attracting large-scale national and international sporting events.

With over 20,000 hotel rooms (plus additional options for dormitory-style accommodations), Montréal makes sure that everyone gets a good night sleep.

On top of everything, we’re a safe destination. Montréal consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in the world. With safety concerns out of the way, participants can stay focused on the competition.

We blend sport and culture

Want something more than just a competition? You’ve got the right city. Montréal is a vibrant, festive, dynamic destination. With an array of annual festivals, a thriving foodie culture, and an enviable artistic scene, Montréal is a living work of art — that’s why we’ve been named a named a UNESCO City of Design! Sports events in Montréal often integrate DJs, concerts, fashion, or murals, lending a unique cultural spin that heightens the emotional impact of an event.


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