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published on October 1, 2020
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Montréal’s creative flair and buoyant energy has been a major attraction for both leisure travellers and event planners. The city is a hub of innovation in many key business sectors, and continues to attract international conferences, major sporting events, and global investors.

MT Lab is a local startup incubator dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions to various challenges faced in tourism, culture and entertainment. Founded by Tourisme Montréal (that’s us!) in partnership with UQAM School of Management and the Ville de Montréal, MT Lab exists to ensure that Montréal stays the course as an innovative metropolis. In short: MT Lab helps keep creativity at the core of the city’s DNA.

Startups that start pivoting

New challenges call for new solutions. And many of the MT Lab startups are using their creativity and brain power to offer inventive ways forward across multiple sectors, including the events industry. Let’s take a glimpse at just a few of the 83 startups that comprise the MT Lab cohort and see how they’ve pivoted in 2020.

Pixmob. With an original focus on immersive lighting technology, Pixmob has created a side project called Safeteams. Safeteams has developed a wearable technology to be used at worksites. The technology rapidly identifies all employees and areas that have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. In other words, it streamlines contact tracing.

Stimulation Déjà Vu. This startup focuses on scent experiences. They measure the emotional impact of a particular memory using biometrics. Over the past few months, they have created an antibacterial hand sanitizer with scents from Québec. Imagine the woodsy smell of autumn in the Laurentian mountains—but as a hand spray. Genius.

Hoppin’. A startup that is building virtual spaces where anyone can meet up in popular “real world” locations and hang out with friends—all through the power of VR 360-degree video. A tool that is more relevant than ever before.

Ottomata. This software company has created a social distancing tool that shows real-time displays—such as projections on the ground or on a wall—of the actual distance between individuals in a line. This encourages people to maintain appropriate distances. Vital in 2020.


Other Montréal startups to keep on your radar

Virtual Front Desk. An all-in-one solution for remote, on-demand, customer service. The startup aims to improve efficiency while keeping human interaction at the centre of the guest’s experience. Very helpful for hotels and other types of meeting venues.

Stay 22. Displaying both Airbnb and hotels on the same map, Stay22 has access to the largest inventory in the industry, offering the best rates on over 35 million bookable listings in over 220 countries and territories. Especially helpful for finding accommodation near health centres.

INTELLiSTEM. A biotechnology company founded on creating the next generation of cell therapy. They have successfully developed a peptide-based vaccine (IPT-001) for human use against COVID-19.

See the entire list of MT Lab startups and how they’re pivoting: Le catalogue des solutions immédiates (in French only).



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