Montréal myth busters: 5 things you thought you knew about Montréal

published on August 30, 2018
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With a unique character that blends European flair with North American modernity, it’s easy to feel like you’re in another world when visiting Montréal. To us (and your attendees – 97% of business and leisure travellers would recommend the city to their colleagues and friends!), the differences between here and the rest of the continent are endlessly fascinating. But it’s also easy to see how once in a while a misconception or two may be formed, and we’re here to set the record straight once and for all.

MYTH: No one speaks English

Montréal is the definition of a bilingual city, with the populace skilled in both French and English (with countless other languages spoken throughout the city). Granted, Québec is a French-speaking province, but the cosmopolitan joie de vivre of Montrealers brings with it a knack for languages and an oh-so-cute accent. So worry not! Your attendees will even love trying out some of the local vernacular.

MYTH: It’s too far

An exotic metropolis in the great white north it may be, but Montréal is all of 100 km from the U.S. border. Serving 146 destinations with direct flights, Montréal-Trudeau International Airport is Canada’s most international air travel hub and over 90 million people are within a two-hour flight of the city. Europe is only slightly further away, and the capitals of the continent not served with non-stop routes are accessible within a single transfer. Getting to and from Montréal is a snap.

MYTH: It’s too cold

Winter in Montréal is something to experience – it’s the storybook winter wonderland of your dreams. And yes, while the temperature may drop in the winter months, few cities utilize the cold and snow in the name of fun quite like Montréal. Besides the 33-km (20-mile) network of the RÉSO underground city that’s warm and toasty 24/7, a world of adventure outdoors awaits the more intrepid visitor. Ski your way around the city or do a bit of ice fishing in the Old Port accompanied with ice cider and warm maple-infused treats. Montréal doesn’t let a little winter get in the way of a good time!

MYTH: The local food is fabulous – yet fattening

Delicious as they are, when it comes to Montréal’s most famous dishes smoked meat, poutine and foie gras, quality over quanity is a good measuring stick to keep your cardiologist at bay. But Montréal’s culinary scene offers much more than traditional Québecois cuisine, with a wealth of options for the healthy eater. The city’s healthy food options will keep your attendees munching away happily for days on end (and vegans are well served here too).

MYTH: It’s a party town

Without question, Montrealers love a good time, but the party only starts once the work day is done and dusted. The city’s seriousness when it comes to business has kept us at the forefront of the events industry – in 2018, Montréal was once again named the UIA’s leading event city in the Americas as well as the ICCA’s top city in North America for international meetings ahead of other cities who don’t sleep like New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Chicago. And how do we do it? Montréal’s work-hard, play-hard attitude and spirit of teamwork makes sure everyone has a good time once business is taken care of, and that’s the best recipe for success.

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