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published on January 20, 2022
Montréal Partners What's New in Montréal

Montréal’s investment promotional agency — known as Montréal International (MI) — supports the city and its development. The agency is unique from other Canadian economic development agencies in that its funding comes from both government (all three levels) and private sectors. MI is agile and focused on its objective to promote Montréal on the global stage.

Montréal International is succeeding in their mission

Despite the challenges introduced by the global pandemic, Montréal continues to captivate foreign investors, international organizations, entrepreneurs as well as foreign workers and international students. In 2020, Montréal International supported a record 90 projects, with investments totalling over $2.23 billion and as a result created more than 8,000 jobs. These results pushed Montréal up among the top resilient and successful cities in North America, despite the pandemic.

Examples of projects supported by MI in 2020:

  • Webhelp, customer service, 1,000 jobs
  • Phoenix Labs, video games, 250 jobs
  • Slalom, technology consultancy, 200 jobs
  • BusPatrol, technology/transportation, 150 jobs

Among the best investment promotional agencies in the world

For the second consecutive year, Montréal International (MI) has earned a spot among the best foreign direct investment (FDI) promotion agencies in the world. It clinched the title of 2nd-best investment promotion agency, tied with London & Partners and behind the New York City Economic Development Corporation, from the Financial Times’ fDi Strategy Awards 2021. Bravo!


So, is Montréal right for you?

Montréal has plenty of space and room for everyone! That’s the message Montréal International is sending in its new video aimed at foreign talent considering moving abroad for work or study. As Greater Montréal is surrounded by water and nature, it’s a city that can breathe. That’s a big draw when you’re looking for a new home on a human scale.

Check out the video…

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