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published on September 13, 2018
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A successful incentive trip accomplishes the tri-fecta of awesome: staff will think their company is awesome, a well-chosen trip is always awesome and the team will be motivated to be more awesome once back at their desks. And that’s triple-awesome! We know when it comes to incentive travel you’re looking for unforgettable experiences and inspiring group adventures, and Montréal has all that and more – plus a few unexpected surprises up our sleeve.

Here’s where Montréal comes in

Montréal’s reputation amongst visitors and conference attendees is stellar – recent polls resulted in 97% of tourists and businesspeople saying they’d suggest the city to their friends and colleagues. And that A+ score has recently been reflected in the naming of Montréal as the most reputable city in the Americas on the Reputation Institute’s annual City RepTrak list. And did we mention how easy it is to get here? With 146 direct flights worldwide and counting, Montréal-Trudeau International Airport is Canada’s most international flight hub getting groups here in a snap.

Choose your own adventure

But how to make sure you pick the right experience? No two groups are created equal, and while some would be beyond the moon with a pottery class and museum wander, others want something to get the adrenaline moving. The experts at Tourisme Montréal have created a series of unique Montréal-only adventures for four broad types of working teams that we know your employees will love.

Active & Adventurous

Not afraid of breaking a sweat or trying something new in the name of excitement, this type of team thrives on keeping things moving and active. Outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies unite!

Suggested hotel pairing: Hotel Bonaventure’s rooftop pool is perfect for post-thrill relaxation

Creative & Curious

Creatives require brain fuel to keep their out-of-the-box ideas flowing, and some time well spent with other creators will leave them feeling invigorated and inspired. The perfect stimuli today brings tomorrow’s big ideas.

Suggested hotel pairing: The Hôtel William Gray’s history and Old Montréal location is sure to inspire

Fun-loving & Festive

This energetic bunch wants some real experiences to take home. They cope with FOMO with a YOLO attitude and crave entertainment and unforgettable moments. Montréal’s got them covered!

Suggested hotel pairing: The hip and happening W Hotel

Hard-working & Wellness-hungry

Some hard-working groups just want the chance to relax and recharge. Lucky for all, Montréal specializes in restorative options, offering a wealth of great ways to kick back and relax.

Suggested hotel pairing: Pamper your team at the sumptuous St. Paul Hotel (partnered with Bota Bota spa, no less)

Download Tourisme Montréal’s Incentive Travel brochure here for more!

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