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published on November 14, 2023
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As a UNESCO City of Design, Montréal knows what’s what when it comes to carefully crafted gifts and souvenirs perfect both for welcoming VIPs to your events or for attendees to commemorate their trip. To make shopping a cinch, our style-forward friends at Design Montréal kindly keep their Code Souvenir Montréal catalogue regularly updated to bring us the coolest, most alluring objects created in the city — all of which say “Montréal!” in their own special way.

Style with standards

All the products selected for the Code Souvenir Montréal catalogue  meet a list of criteria set by Design Montréal. Products must be sustainable, environmentally responsible, and as often as possible locally produced, as well as be emblematic of Montréal’s energy and attributes. Many of the goods are also customizable, so you can add your own logos and branding. Topping our list this season are objects that range from wearable, to collectable, to edible.

Memorably wearable

To combine style with substance, Artgang’s customizable tees are a top quality item that’s already beloved by many a local — and a useful item for your guests to use at the hotel gym. For winter events, consider a cotton, alpaca and bamboo scarf by String Theory, in case Montréal’s cold weather takes any of your guests by surprise. Claire Papillon’s silk squares come in a variety of designs making homage to Montréal’s historical and architectural landmarks and add that extra touch of flair to any outfit. 

Form plus function

The customizable cotton-and-leather Cabas tote by Dahls” is a distinct step up from the usual event tote, making it the type of item guests will use over and over once home. Miljours’s attractive leather ALLEN key fobs blend distinctive style with utility — and provide another great opportunity for tasteful branding. Designed and hand-crafted in Montréal, the YUL passport covers made in leather by Holdur (who also make beautiful card holders) and the Theodore tablet sleeve made in leather and wool felt by Cantin make perfect gifts for any professional on the go. For frequent travellers, consider the Montréal themed travel bags by Toma — a stylish packing aid indeed.

Taste of the city

Chocolat Boréal’s gourmet chocolate bars are not only a sweet welcome-bag treat, they feature Montréal scenes on the packaging while leaving room for customization. Another tasty option is the Montréal cocktail kit by Montréal company 3/4 oz, including 3 generous bottles of flavoured syrups and a measuring cup in an attractive box featuring one of the Mile End’s most iconic skylines. And just you try resisting the luscious flavour of Dinette Nationale’s almond and pistachio nougat. Condiment connoisseurs will appreciate the spicy stylings of La Pimenterie — as see on Hot Ones! The famous curry verde makers also offer a killer barbacoa sauce and a chipotle-infused maple syrup that’s delicious on dishes both savoury and sweet. Those are the types of souvenirs that everyone should pack in their luggage.

And for those wanting more

Busy schedules allowing, there are countless fantastic shops in Montréal worth exploring, many of which abound with locally made goods and unique, only-here creations. La Boutique BAnQ in the city’s main library offers Québec-made products, mostly ranging in price from $5 to $50. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and McCord Stewart Museum boutiques downtown boast crafts, jewellery and graphic art pieces by Montréal talents. Happy shopping!


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