Meeting in Montréal can save money for you and your attendees

published on February 13, 2018
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While the allure of the city is certainly based on many aspects – transportation accessibility, the city’s intriguing blend of old world grandeur and modernity, and a wealth of great locations perfect for any event – there’s one point on which Montréal holds an edge over most other cities of its size, and that’s affordability. Here’s just a few reasons why holding your next event in Montréal promises big payoff at lower cost. 


Ranked as one of the best cities in the world to live in the world by The Economist and hyped up as an affordable metropolis by Vice Magazine (founded here, no less), Montréal’s affordability remains a lower-cost beacon in North America. Montréal’s even been ranked as the best city in the world for students, and if there’s one thing students know how to do, it’s how to stretch a dollar. And all this affordability has noticeable effects – Montréalers are a vibrant, active bunch, keeping the city streets, restaurants and cultural events busy and fun all year long.


Thanks to current exchange rates each of your American dollars will net you an extra quarter, with 1 USD equalling roughly $1.25 CAD. And as this rate has remained relatively similar for long periods of time, it’s safe to suggest that even meetings three or four years into the future will benefit similarly.


With a wealth of hotels for all tastes and budgets, average nightly costs for Montréal come in at $100 less than New York City, just a six-hour drive away. Tourisme Montréal also offers special deals for group bookings – reach out to one of our sales managers and they’ll fill you in.


The city’s convention centre, the Palais des congrès offers planners multiple opportunities to make money during the event with advertising options available via the centre’s Wi-Fi network as well as eye-catching screens at various locations in public spaces, all available to advertisers via you.


Housed on the Island of Montréal, the city centre is a relatively compact system of easily navigated streets and neighbourhoods that your attendees will not only love but for won’t require shuttling to make their way around – not to mention to and from their accommodations. With myriad options for local transportation and accommodations in close quarters to host venues, that’s a big expense you can scratch from the budget.


As a veritable city of knowledge, home to four major world-class universities, Montréal is already home to a large pool of potential experts and speakers. And Tourisme Montréal is all about making those connections, opening the door to potential collaborations, sponsorships and regional experts that in the long run can save some real dollars.


It’s never been easier to get to Montréal, with YUL airport welcoming over 14 million guests last year with 140 direct flight destinations and service to 87 international destinations (a number which grows annually). And while we’re still waiting for direct flights to Antarctica, we’re now accessible from the rest of the world’s continents, meaning your attendees will not only enjoy shorter travel times and easier connections, but cheaper transport overall.


Did we mention the tax rebates? Non-residents are entitled to 100% of local sales taxes, currently 5% GST and 9.975% QST on many expenses including venue rental, audio-visual services, food and beverages and accommodations. Our sales managers will give you the down-low.


With ever-increasing visitor numbers and a consistently growing reputation for international tourists, Montréal is grabbing headlines as a place to be. And to keep both locals and visitors entertained, the city is a leader in mind-blowing events and festivals right in the middle of town, many of which are free. Book your event during events like the Montreal Jazz Festival or Just For Laughs, and treat your attendees to bonus world-class entertainment at no additional expense. Take a look for yourself at all the great things to do here or pick up the phone and we’d be happy to inform and suggest the perfect time to plan your event.