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published on June 21, 2022
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For 200 years, Montréal’s McGill University has a been a beacon of knowledge and innovation, both locally and the world. The world renown institution recently marked its 200th anniversary and it’s celebrating with a bicentennial.  For McGill, it is as much a time to take pride in a long history of achievement as it is an opportunity for reflection as the university charts the course for a third century.

The people

The heart of this milestone is the people: students, professors, staff, alumni, and friends. The school is a magnet for global talents, the type of individuals who will keep on educating, innovating, enriching, and impacting the world. As McGill looks to the future, all of those associated with the university will undoubtedly continue to embrace new challenges with determination and creativity, while also pursuing answers to some of the most pressing issues for the betterment of society.

The university is celebrating its prominent alma matter, as well as some unsung heroes:

Roy States. Known as McGill’s Master of Ceremonies, States was unflappable under pressure. In the broader context of Canada, he was a prolific activist, guest speaker, mentor, and author. States began to collect information and books about Black people in history from the age of 15. Keep reading…

Alice Johannsen. An “Unsung Hero,” worked as the Director of McGill Museums from 1951 to 1972. She was a founding member of the Canadian Museum Association in 1947 and serving as the association’s first woman president in 1959. Keep reading…

Alan Emtage. A computer scientist who conceived and implemented the first version of Archie, a pre-Web Internet search engine for locating material in public FTP archives. It is widely considered the world's first Internet search engine. Keep reading…

McGill x Montréal

Tucked snuggly between the base of the iconic Mount Royal Park and the skyscrapers of downtown, McGill University is a vital part of the tapestry that is Montréal. The school has been ranked as one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world and will continue to play an important role attracting fresh talent to the city. For the past 200 years, McGill and Montréal have been a match made in heaven.

Digital Time Capsule

With the goal of imagining the many potentials of the future, the Digital Time Capsule brings together over 50 of McGill’s top researchers to answer the question: What will be the biggest change in your field over the next 25 years? The videos have been recorded and sealed. Each year, five videos will be revealed at Homecoming over the next 10 years — starting in Fall 2022.

McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative

Founded in 2016, the purpose of MSSI is to mobilize McGill researchers around sustainability challenges and to equip the next generation in the skills necessary to address these issues. The initiative provides opportunities for researchers from very different disciplines to interact and co-design projects that address complex issues from a variety of perspectives.

The McGill Sustainable Futures Festival will be happening September 12- 16, 2022. The week of events is an opportunity to celebrate the future of sustainability at McGill and beyond.


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