Montréal’s newest stunning venue: Maison Principale

published on October 27, 2022
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Montréal has a new venue that will add “wow” to any formal event. Maison Principale is a prestigious and elegant venue housed within the walls of a completely transformed, historic building, constructed in 1932. The venue boasts 42-foot ceilings, jaw-dropping architectural design, and 15 crystal chandeliers as a blank canvas to just about any event imaginable.

Historic, but updated

A modern sound system, expert lighting and hardwood floors are the foundation of this versatile space that is perfect for everything from corporate events to large parties and much more.

Furthermore, Maison Principale is aligned with a number of professionals in the food and beverage industry, ensuring each event is catered to from start to finish.

Number of meeting rooms by capacity

  • Number of meeting rooms (under 150): 2
  • Number of meeting rooms (151 to 500): 1
  • Number of meeting rooms (501 to 1000): 1


Maximal capacity by configuration

  • Maximum capacity - theatre/cocktail: 750
  • Maximum capacity - banquet: 500
  • Maximum capacity - school: 500
  • Maximum capacity - auditorium: 750
  • Number of meeting rooms: 3
  • Surface area of the largest room: 604 m² / 6510 ft²
  • Total surface area for exhibition: 975 m² / 10500 ft²
  • Ceiling height: 13 m / 43 ft

Cheat Sheet

Venue: Maison Principale

Address: 872 Rue du Couvent




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