IFALPA comes home to Montréal

published on June 20, 2019
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Montréal is a city of aerospace, home to one of the best gateway airports in North America, the international headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a bustling aero sector and the Aéro Montréal cluster of industries, decision-makers and educators, and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA). As one of the only cities in the world where an aircraft can be constructed in its entirety from tip-to-tail within a 30km radius, Montréal is considered the world capital of civil aviation. And so, it comes as no surprise that the IFALPA has just announced its plans to hold three of its major conferences here on their home turf in 2023, 2028 and 2033!

IFALPA in brief

Representing over 100,000 pilots worldwide, the non-profit IFALPA was founded in 1948 to act, in their words, as “the global voice of pilots.” Their regularly scheduled conferences bring together representatives from nearly 100 countries to discuss changes and growth in international aviation in the name of the highest level of aviation safety worldwide. Previous major conferences and symposiums have been held in locations like Luxembourg, Chiang Mai, Montréal, and Panama City.

Building established partnerships right at home

Each conference comes with the need to re-invent the wheel – finding inspiring venues, world-class accommodations and transplanting one’s staff to another location – and IFALPA’s decision to stay in Montréal brings with it multi-faceted benefits and opportunities. Most importantly, established connections and partnerships can be strengthened and put to good use, all while hosting attendees and guests from around the world in the top city for international association meetings in North America. And that sounds like good destination planning to us.

Fly high in Montréal

A hot-spot of game changers in neuroscience, AI, pharmaceuticals, fashion, oncology and cardiology, Montréalers are changing the world. A city that values and fosters creativity and innovation, it’s the perfect place for your next meeting – and no surprise why major events like the IFALPA conference and World Summit AI (here for their 2019-2022 events) keep coming back.  Once you’ve experienced how Montréal works for you, you and your attendees may never want to leave either!

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