5 hybrid event venues in Montréal

published on October 13, 2020
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The main value of a hybrid event is the inclusivity—anyone, anywhere can access the content of your meeting. This is the year when we collectively recognized the value of hybrid events; they’ve gone beyond being a ‘trend’ to becoming a vital way to gather. When you’re ready to host a hybrid event in Montréal, these venues provide a perfect backdrop.

Palais des congrès de Montréal. Montréal’s own convention centre recently unveiled a high-tech video and podcast studio for creating customized digital content. Entitled Palais Média Propulsion, the space offers the possibility for videos, podcasts, interviews, live recordings, and editing capabilities specific for social media. Along with the new technological options are plenty of choices for in-person gatherings—spaces for small meetings, rooms for massive conferences, halls for exhibition configurations, and more. In short, the Montréal convention centre is an ideal option for a hybrid event.

Phi Centre. A meeting place for creative minds, Phi Centre is where new concepts reflect a continuing exploration and understanding of art. Along with flexible halls that can be transformed for a variety of events, including launches, conferences, screenings, shows, concerts and installations, the Phi Centre also contains creative and production studios. A multifunctional salon is linked to the third floor Control Tower and, by extension, to all the other spaces in the Phi Centre for any type of broadcast. From Montréal to the world, with love.

Espace C2. A fully redesigned business hub located on the penthouse level of the Fairmount Le Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Espace 2 is one of Montréal’s newest gathering points for business folks from the city and abroad. Able to accommodate up to 220 guests in a variety of configurations, it makes the perfect backdrop for a hybrid event. 

Hôtel Le Germain Montréal. One of Montréal’s most beautifully designed hotels now offers a television-quality studio to support virtual events. A unique multi-camera webcasting space—imagined by Edge Studio and installed at the hotel—is ready for meetings, training sessions, or virtual conferences.

L’espace Yoop. Imaging a keynote speaker of a digital event being able to see the faces of virtual attendees from around the world. This was the design inspiration for L'espace Yoop, Montréal’s newest venue. Keynote speakers, singers, lecturers, or actors perform live and in-person at L’espace Yoop in Montréal. Attendees, no matter where they’re located around the world, can participate via computer or using the Yoop mobile application. The performance is recorded from several points of view, using several cameras. All adding up to truly immersive experience.



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