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published on November 6, 2018
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Montréal is a city of learning, fashion, technology and medicine, but above all else it’s a city of creativity whose reputation is known around the world. Its incomparable music scene and film industry keep the world entertained, and Montréal’s annual C2 conference brings together the brightest lights in transforming not only the face of business, but what a conference can be. Carrying on this proud local tradition, the HUB mtl conference gathers together members of the creative industries at the Coeur des sciences at UQAM from November 12-14, 2018 to network, exchange ideas and collaborate on “where to next?” in the cultural, entertainment and experiential marketing sectors.

Luminaries from both here and away

HUB mtl’s aim has always been to keep a spotlight on Montréal’s creative sectors and bring the city to the world stage. The conference’s lineup of groundbreaker presenters includes just as many from the city as from abroad, proving Montréal’s place at the forefront of the creative industries. Featuring the likes of John Kampfner (the founder of the UK Creative Industries Federation) and Lauren McCallum (the Global Managing Director of Montréal’s Mill Film), HUB mtl’s talks and panels prompt collaboration and exchange on a scale both local and global.

A chance to showcase

The HUB mtl conference also allows creatives to present their latest projects and ideas to attendees – each showcased in blocks of three to five presentations grouped thematically. Established and upstart companies can show off their newest ideas – not to mention find potential partners in bringing these plans to life.

The perfect opportunity to meet – and see – first hand

While the bulk of HUB mtl takes place on the UQAM campus, the conference also allows guided tours of local places of creation and research, allowing guests to not only become acquainted with local creative operations, but also see the inner workings up close and in person. Multiple opportunities to network via cocktail evenings and structured networking events punctuate the schedule, while the Networking Dinner at the Casino de Montréal brings delegates and attendees together to dine at the same table.

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