6 Hotel trends to watch for in 2021

published on February 25, 2021
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The feeling of entering a fresh hotel room is unparalleled. Hotel rooms are sacred spaces. They are the places we go to rest and rejuvenate, and this is not going to change anytime soon. But other things are changing.

While the uncertainty of how exactly the future will unfold is palpable, the hospitality industry is adapting faster than ever before and there’s also a sense of possibility. This could be a new bright beginning, a perfect moment for the industry to reinvent itself. With that in mind, here are some trends and tendencies to watch out for!

Long stays

Last year, in response to the pandemic, many hotels and resorts introduced extended stay programs and packages. This trend will continue in 2021 as travellers will likely take fewer trips but will stay longer in one destination. For instance, visitors might opt to go big with one big trip, rather than risking several smaller ones that could be cancelled. The upside: lower carbon footprints.

Work. Work. Work. Work.

Because of those aforementioned longer stays, some travellers will need space where they can still work — sometimes for several hours a day. We’re not talking about onsite business centres (although those are great), rather rooms that are smartly designed for businesspeople. In room Wi-Fi and workstations are standard, but some hotels, such as Le Centre Sheraton Montréal, are already offering signature height-adjustable tables with fully integrated height controls and power/USB ports.

Improved hygiene protocols

A carefully considered hotel hygiene protocol is likely less of a trend and more of a new reality — and will become as ubiquitous as assuming a hotel offers locks on their guestrooms. Travellers will want to see certain considerations, such as how hotel rooms are cleaned and meeting room flow strategies. The best hotels will step up and communicate their hygiene protocols in a similar way to how airlines get creative with onboard safety videos: playfully communicating vital information.

Welcome to the great outdoors

In 2021, whether a patio meeting, courtyard dining event, or physically distanced coffee breaks, hotel properties will be incorporating the outdoors into the guest experience. Expect to also see outdoor wellness classes (such as yoga or meditation) and guided walks or cycle tours appear on hotel offerings.

Touching hearts. Not surfaces.

Contactless amenities and services are the future. This might mean checking-in and checking-out online, but this could also include smartphone apps to eliminate physical room keys, QR codes to bring up room service menus, and concierge video chat options. Montréal’s Hôtel Monville is already offering a robot that delivers room service!

Fittin’ in fitness

Business travellers (and many leisure travellers) don’t want to sacrifice their workout routines while travelling. Savvy hotels are investing in fitness programs that guests are already familiar with, such as fitness/media company Peloton. In-room workouts are convenient and align perfectly with hygienic best-practices.


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