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published on April 29, 2021
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As we gradually begin to travel once more, the way in which we design our journeys is inevitably going to change. Rather than short visits at several destinations, many of us will opt for a longer visit at a single destination. This is where apartment-style hotels become immensely helpful. With fully-equipped kitchens and in-room laundry, these properties enable us to feel “at home” while we’re actually on the road — especially when we are staying for a week or longer.

With that level of comfort in mind, meet the newly opened all-suite Hotel Griffintown.

A handsome hotel in a historic neighbourhood

Officially founded in 1823, the neighbourhood of Griffintown took shape as a residential district of predominantly Irish immigrants. Surrounding the factories along the Lachine Canal, many residents were forced to leave the area when fire and economic crisis struck. The remains of this industrial heritage live on today, with many original foundries and warehouses converted for residential or commercial use. During the last decade, the Griffintown has become home to a vibrant community of art galleries, eclectic shops, and inventive restaurants.

Hotel Griffintown is a new-generation accommodation for business and leisure travellers who want a simple and authentic Montréal experience. The condo-hotel is located in the heart of the sought-after neighbourhood, situated close to several new restaurants, shops, and parks.

Designed to feel like home

The uniquely designed condo-like apartments offer soothing, neutral colours in a minimalistic-leaning architectural design. Guests are able to truly feel at home: cooking for friends, catch up on the laundry, or enjoy a favourite movie after a long day. The objective of Hotel Griffintown is to make a space where guests feel at home every single day, even a thousand kilometres away. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments offer fully-equipped kitchens with modern appliances, including a washer and a dryer.

Great for visitors, great for locals

When you need a comfortable space for a new business client or a setting for an intimate brainstorm, Hotel Griffintown makes an ideal option. And for locals who are finding that working at home is not terribly productive, many are choosing to spend the working day at the Hotel Griffintown. Whether working solo or in a small team, the hotel can be a “WFH” (work from home) base. For $99 (plus tax), guests can rent an apartment from 8 am to 4 pm. Included: indoor parking, high-speed internet, and those superb views of the park.

Cheat Sheet

Property: Hotel Griffintown

Address: 1222 rue des Bassins



Instagram: @griffintownhotel



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