Hold your next meeting at two of Montréal’s historical museums

published on January 25, 2018
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Finding the ideal spot for your event can make or break a successful business gathering. Montréal is home to a profusion of unforgettable venues, including some of the city’s finest museums. With some new rooms unveiled in 2018 – and some planners’ favourites ready and waiting – two of Montréal’s most important historical museums make for inspiring and memorable host locations for intimate meetings. 


A moving – and constantly evolving – celebration of Montréal life, the McCord Museum tells the city’s history through the eyes of the people who founded, formed and changed it. Freshly-curated exhibitions spotlight important pieces of the city’s past, all with a sharp eye on the future, and we agree it’s a suitably invigorating spot to hold an event. Here’s a look at three of their spaces:

The Atrium

Often used for cocktail parties and welcoming soirees, the high ceilings and natural light of this vast space adds a touch of grandeur to an event, and comfortably hosts 175 people standing or 80 when seated.

The J. Armand Bombardier Theatre

Easily transformed by sliding bleacher seating, the Bombardier Theatre is adaptable for workshops, meetings or even celebrations for up to 175 standing or 100 seated.

The Fifth Floor Salons

Decorated with decorative arts from the museum’s extensive collection, the fifth floor salons are ideal for petit symposiums and meetings with a touch of classic charm for up to 13 seated or up to 20 standing in each room.

The perfect island getaway 

Since 1955, the Stewart Museum has re-told the story of Québec’s history, starting with the discovery of the New World to the creation of Canada. Exhibitions range from antique cartography to artifacts from Expo67, all housed on Saint Helen’s Island in the gorgeously preserved 1820s Arsenal of the British military. Their newly expanded roster of available spaces offers a unique angle on Montréal – along with an unforgettable view.

The Interior Courtyard

Perfect for a large gatherings either in open-air or in climate-controlled tents, the Stewart’s lush courtyard frames stunning views of both the Saint Lawrence River and the illuminated Jacques Cartier Bridge.

The Old Barracks

Housed in restored stonework archways, the old barracks add a unique touch of history to an event. These old arsenal halls will inject proceedings with historical confidence – a perfect place to build camaraderie and look ahead.

The Sarrazin Room and the Champlain Room

Well suited for smaller presentations, the Sarrazin and Champlain rooms are both perfect secluded meeting hideaways, with easy access to the sprawling courtyard and views on downtimes.