The HEC announces its new Sports Management Hub in Montréal

published on November 21, 2019
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Montréal is a true gateway city, known for its unique interweaving of cultures, language and continents. And as a city where both education and sports take a key role in the urban DNA, it comes as a perfect fit to announce the groundbreaking new Sports Management Hub at the Université de Montréal (UdeM)’s HEC School of Business.

Researching the practice – and developments – of sports management

Drawing from expertise in the sporting world, as well as HEC Montréal’s faculty (under the guiding direction of Associate Professor in the Department of Management and member of the Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership, Éric Brunelle), the Sports Management Hub aims to serve as an international reference in the professional sporting sectors, as well as a conduit for research and knowledge transfer between practitioners and students worldwide. By offering a Specialized Graduate Diploma in sports management, the HEC is linking the sporting and academic worlds, with the ultimate goal of having a game-changing impact on professional sports management.

Additionally, through special events and networking meetings, the HEC is also connecting students, athletes and members of the business community in coordination with the Club Médaille d’Or, Athletc and SPORTSQUÉBEC.


Established in 1907, the HEC Montréal is the first established school of management in Canada, ranked highly amongst Canadian and international business schools by publications like Canadian Business, Forbes and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Offering specialist degrees in management practices ranging from professional accounting to arts administration, business intelligence data applications and sustainability, the HEC is at the forefront of modern business studies. And as part of one of the city’s four major universities, the HEC has also long played a role in making Montréal the top city for students in the Americas.

Montréal is a top sports city

With a busy annual calendar of sporting events ranging from major stadium fillers to more uniquely left-field and distinctly urban, Montréal was once again named the Top Sports City for 2019 by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA). And with sporting tourism as one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada, it’s a field in which Montréal is sure to continue to grow. With the Sports Management Hub in the city, Montréal’s sporting success is guaranteed both on the field and behind the scenes.

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