A major tech company has renewed its commitments to Montréal

published on November 10, 2022
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Google has officially opened a new office in downtown Montréal. The sustainability-focused building is one of the three new Canadian offices that Google had pledged to opening in 2020.

Perhaps more noteworthy, the tech giant is committing another $2.75 million towards Québec’s tech ecosystem, which will finance projects ranging from artificial intelligence research to digital education programs.

Google in Montréal

Currently Google has approximately 300 people working at its new Montréal office. In the coming years, the office will house up to 1,000 employees. The space features an overhauled ventilation system, several local works of art, a library for employees, and a massive neon “GOOGLE MONTRÉAL” display, which references the iconic Farine Five Roses sign.

Located at 425 Viger Ave West, the office is a short walk from Montréal’s convention centre: the Palais des congrès.

The company’s Montréal employees include sales staff and engineers who focus on activities such as cybersecurity, AI research, and Cloud computing. About one-third of the Montréal team is focused on Google’s Chrome browser. The Montréal office is one of approximately 25 Google sites around the globe that work on strengthening the Chrome browser, such as adapting Chrome for Apple devices and optimizing graphics to make the browser run faster.

Funding the future

Along with the announcement of its office, the company also reconfirmed support of Mila, a local AI research institute. As the biggest beneficiary of Google Montréal’s generosity, Mila will receive $1.5 million for fundamental AI research projects in such areas as climate change and sustainable agriculture. Google has invested in Mila for several years, including a $3.9 million grant in 2020, and $4.5 million in 2016.

The $2.75 million Google funding will also be used to expand Google Career Certificates and support local non-profits such as Digital Moment and NPower Canada.

AI in Montréal

Montréal has been recognized year after year as both a hub for AI and a sought-after destination for students. Greater Montréal’s 11 universities house approximately 194,000students, including the largest number of university researchers in Canada. McGill University and Université de Montréal are ranked amongst the world’s best learning institutions, and the city is also home to the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO).

The Canadian government chose Montréal as headquarters for SCALE AI, Canada’s AI supply chain supercluster. Other tech companies such as IBM and DeepMind all have regional offices in the city. In short, Montréal is an AI powerhouse.



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