Gallea: A Montréal startup bringing art to everyone

published on August 3, 2021
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As the tourism industry begins to recover from a tough year, one of the main themes is reinvention. Many people now have a deeper appreciation for beautiful interior spaces and are looking for new ways to create soothing, inspiring atmospheres.

Enter a Montréal startup called Gallea.

Gallea is Canada's fastest growing online art gallery, showcasing local talent worldwide. They are quickly becoming one of the world's largest art distribution networks and, with more than 7,000 artists, they offer the largest visual art network in Canada. In addition to presenting a rich and varied online gallery, the startup partners with a vast network of venues that host local exhibitions. And this is how hotels and meeting venues are themselves becoming hotbeds of art.

The art of hotels

Increasingly, hotel guests are looking to become more than a place to spend the night; they are looking to offer an exclusive experience. It is a special experience that sets a hotel apart from other accommodation options, while leading to both loyalty and invaluable word-of-mouth promotion.

Several hotels in Montréal are adopting the trend to breathe new life into their spaces. The Hôtel de l'ITHQ is currently undergoing a makeover and, when it reopens in the autumn, guests will be treated to visual art from artists across Québec. In collaboration with Gallea, the hotel will renew the visual art on its walls each season to ensure that guests have unique artistic experiences. This “ever-changing décor” will be the first of its kind in the hotel industry in Canada.

Any space can become an art gallery

Along with hotels, Gallea provides art for other businesses too. Whether a restaurant, coffeeshop, corporate office, or meeting venue, the startup decorates walls with art from local, independent artists — art that matches (or even accentuates) the vibe of a business. Artwork can be rotated every four months, and businesses can purchase their favourites at preferential prices.


Free stuff for you — right now!

The art that is presented on the walls of a hotel or other space is typically available to be purchased (by the business itself or by visitors), and anyone can go online and browse through art. But you don’t have to spend money to enjoy Gallea’s immense collection. Bring video conferences to life with a new Zoom background from Gallea. They’re free to download! Gallea also offers a free downloadable colouring book with 27 illustrations made by 23 artists. The colouring book features outdoor scenes from across Québec — perfect for explorers both young and old.



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