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published on December 15, 2020
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Gathering is one of our defining characteristics as humans. It’s in our DNA. Here at Business Events Montréal, we have no doubt that humans will gather again — that we will enjoy in-person concerts, participate in conventions, feel the adrenaline of live sporting events, and clink glasses at cocktail parties.

This year we took an unexpected pause from so many of our in-person events. But then we collectively adapted and found new ways to connect with each other and with destinations. While not new to most people, one of the methods of connecting and learning was through the rich opportunities of video.

With that in mind, we created a new series of videos that we’ve called Montréal, from a distance.

A new type of site visit: the video visit

When planning an event, an in-person site visit is often optimal. But there are other ways to assess a destination and move forward with planning events. As we enter a new year and travel slowly reopens, we might decide that video-based site visits offer a wonderful option not simply as a method of controlling a pandemic, but also as a means to save dollars and/or to lower carbon emissions.

At Business Events Montréal we see that trend. Our response? We decided to highlight some of our best hotels and most-popular event venues through brief yet highly informative video visits. We could write more about the relevance of video visits, but we think that the images speak for themselves.

Check out this introductory video, specifically highlighting our hotels and venues for big events.

Now, here’s a sample of a hotel video.

Finally, discover a venue through this video.

Did we pique your attention? Wonderful! See all the videos on the official Montréal, from a distance landing page.



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