Food trends to thrill your attendees’ taste buds

published on January 15, 2019
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You’ve got a stellar location lined up, great hotels reserved and everyone’s transport to and from the event is set, but keeping your attendees’ stomachs entertained is every bit as important. With that in mind, we’ve compiled these latest and tastiest food trends to keep your guests satisfied and satiated for the meetings ahead.

Reduce, Reuse, Reconsider

Foodies have been heralding the concept of nose-to-tail cooking when discussing meat consumption, but a new trend of root-to-stem cooking is taking a second look at those previously discarded bits and pieces from the chopping board. Leaves, greens, stalks, cores and tops are all proving not only entirely edible – but surprisingly tasty too.

Dive in to a new world of flavour

Those days of just watching sea greens wash up on the shore are numbered with chefs finding all new uses for seaweeds, kelp and algae in uses ranging from salads, noodles and even jerky. The ocean floor is stuffed with vitamins and minerals worth considering as a buffet of new flavours.

Unleash the power of plants

Is there anything that plants can’t do? Plant-based meat replacements are taking the culinary world by storm, utilizing new processes and experimentation packed with delicious creativity. Even sugars are getting replaced by sweet potato, squash and golden beet, satisfying sweet tooths in the name of healthy eating.

Wet their whistles with the newest of the new

Bartenders in the know will tell you that tastes are swinging from the sweet to the savoury, with an upsurge in demand for edible flowers, juiced herbs and culinary cocktails that incorporate the kitchen into the drinks cabinet. And these flavourful concoctions are taking a part in the root-to-stem culture to boot. Drinkers are also turning to locally-produced artisanal brewers and wineries, giving event planners the perfect opportunity to show off local accomplishments through carefully selected pairings.

Alcohol-free goes fancy

For the non-drinkers, 2019 is all about house-made sodas and craft coffees, with a particular love for those made with sustainable and socially responsible sourcing and methods. It’s no surprise to spot fans of craft roaster and brewing companies sporting their logos on T-shirts, so consider every event an opportunity for local cross-pollination.

Robots in the kitchen – and the dining room floor too!

Fantasies of skilled culinary cyborgs are no longer just science fiction, with AI-cooked meals ranging from sushi to salads ready to enter the kitchen and dining room atop the trays of robot servers. (We know your guests would get a kick out of Montréal’s Hotel Monville’s robotic Room Service room delivery).

The future of meat

It’s no secret that meat production brings an unnecessary environmental impact, and food innovators are taking it to the lab. Clean Meat, grown from small samples of tissue from animals like chickens, pigs and cows combined with stem cells is set to change the way we think about food production. When it comes to farmed meats, keep it local – the farm-to-table trend still lives strong.

Staying on-trend for 2019

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the 2019 forecasts place ethnic breakfasts like the Tunisian / Israeli Shakshouka at the top of everyone’s must-eat list. And if you’re looking for some ingredients to incorporate or national cuisines to name-check on your catering menu, you won’t go wrong with the grain substitute amaranth or garnishing with dandelion greens, while pulling from the unique flavour palettes of Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

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