10 event influencers leading the way forward

published on November 26, 2020
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With the shift to online and hybrid events during the Covid-19 pandemic, the event industry's leading influencers are setting pathways forward through uncharted territories. Whether proposing new ways to keep attendees captivated or fostering a sense of community built up from a distance, these 10 event influencers will keep you on top of the latest and greatest trends in the industry.


An early adopter to piecing together unforgettable virtual events as founder of Endless Events, Will Curran focuses on unforgettable on-screen attendee experiences. Throughout the pandemic, he’s also considered how families can take lessons from distance meetings and incorporate them into holiday planning.



Where some see “not another webinar!” Dahlia El Gazzar sees limitless potential in virtual events, and through her online articles, appearances and talks, her palpable excitement for the events industry will turn any frown upside down and get attendees hyped.



The definition of a multifaceted event planner, Sasha Souza covers every angle from how to source eye-popping designs to the perfect canapé on the catering table. Author of the Signature Sasha series of books, Souza’s top to bottom approach includes consultancy for creatives and even fitness moves perfect for the #EventProfs on the go.



Nick Borelli wants the truth, and he’s not afraid to tell event planners exactly what they’re doing that annoys their attendees. With a no-nonsense approach to creating events that your guests will circle on their calendars in anticipation, Borelli’s keeps his ear to the ground.



It takes a lot to attain the status of goddess, and Marley Majcher’s event planning chops have taken her sky high. Follow her feed for the kind of water cooler chit-chat that only an office bestie can bring – not to mention quizzes, activities and tricks and tips for sprucing up your Instagram.



Editor of the Event Manager Blog, Julian Solaris’ personal feed displays a gung-ho attitude and creative solutions for the world of virtual meetings – now a multi-billion dollar industry. But don’t expect Solaris to mince words – he’s here to get you into ship shape and ready to engage.



While pandemic safety requirements have lowered in-person attendance numbers, Kristin Banta still sees the "wow" potential in all events, regardless of size. An expert in experiential and immersive meetings, her feed is packed with inspiration.



A managing partner at the award-winning i3 Events, Keith Johnston is no stranger to pulling off the impossible across the globe. Keep tabs on his PlannerWire feed for the latest issues of The Meeting Industry Daily and take notes on some of his recent planning successes—like an on-line tech professional conference with no less than 70,000 attendees.



We’ve all heard the suggestion to “think outside of the box,” but according to Tahira Endean there’s no box and the sky’s the limit! With a strong focus on community and intentionality, Endean is a master of fostering connection in the #EventProfs family.



President and CEO of PCMA, Sherrif Karamat is at the heart of the action, with a finger firmly on the pulse of the events industry. Follow for his thoughts on upcoming transitions, cool achievements, and genuine insight on where events are headed next.


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