How to transform sports events? This Montréal program explores the question

published on November 22, 2022
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Montréal event gurus Yulism have launched another Event Transformation Program. This time, they’ve focused on one of the biggest event subsectors: sports. With sports events trending upwards — for both participants and spectators — it is the perfect time for event professionals to collaborate and talk about the future of athletic and gaming events.

The “Event Transformation Program”

As a creative and innovative city, especially in the event industry, Montréal is a destination committed to being an active part in the future of events. The Event Transformation Program (ETP) is a series of programs designed by and for events professionals to support the industry in its recovery, resilience, and adaptation to the evolution of the industry.

At the core of each ETP are the guiding principles of ensuring meaningful events for participants and creating lasting social impact to the communities in which the events take place.

ETP, but make it for sports…

Set over two days in November, the first ever Event Transformation Program for sports gathered together top event professionals from sports ecosystems from across the province of Québec.

The bright, generous, and open-minded cohort was determined to think together to transform their events. The first session allowed participants to dive into the depths of their “why” and explore new approaches to financing. The second session focused on the experience of participants and stakeholders, and how to innovate in the delivery and production of sports events.

The cohort represented a wide variety of athletic activities ranging from tennis to rock climbing to speed skating (and many sports in between).


Founded by Stéphane Martel and Olivier Offman (who, notably, have helped develop C2 Montréal), Yulism helps business event organizers connect clients to the local community. They do this by setting up networking activities with Montréal’s business, knowledge, and talent economies. More recently, they’ve began sharing their hard-won event wisdom through event transformation programs, which exist to help event professionals gain tools and perspectives into an ever-shifting professional landscape.

The name of the business (Yulism) references the official international airport code for the Montréal–Trudeau International Airport: YUL. Add “-ism” — a suffix used in philosophy to define specific ideologies — and, voila, we have a nouveau term that denotes the distinctive spirit of Montréal.


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