Montréal’s new “Event Transformation Program” helps reboot the industry

published on March 31, 2022
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Montréal is an innovative city known for massive events. For instance, each year we host the world’s largest comedy festival. We have an internationally celebrated annual jazz festival. We’re a host city to a major F1 racing event and a top-tier tennis tournament (the National Bank Open). We’ve also hosted the Olympics and the World Exposition. The list could go on.

In short, the world loves to visit Montréal — and especially for events.

Keeping the ball rolling

Over the past two years, the events industry has faced challenges that require innovative solutions like never before. Furthermore, the environmental crisis raises new sustainability challenges, and the industry’s digital revolution is experiencing spectacular growth with the metaverse and NFT trends. This is why organizers must face the multiple changes with a strategic approach.

As a city, we’re committed to playing an active role in the future of events. That’s why local event gurus Yulism — in partnership with the Palais des congrès de Montréal, MPI Montréal & Québec, Fanslab, and Business Events Montréal (that’s us!) — have launched a six-week masterclass called the “Event Transformation Program.” Created and curated by passionate event professionals, the program will help participants to reset, rethink, and reboot their events and engage their communities.

Addressing industry concerns

The Event Transformation Program will empower event organizers to reinvent their approach in 20 hours spread over six weeks of dynamic interactive training and coaching, addressing the main concerns of our industry such as:

  • The event’s purpose and strategies for optimizing its impact
  • Business models, trending funding and monetization solutions
  • Focusing the experience on the human factor
  • Delivering the event with a 360° perspective

In the last two years, over two dozen Montréal-based companies have participated in the program’s initial cohorts. Now the program has evolved to support international event organizers.

In the spirit of sharing lessons, each week Yulism publishes a learning summary about what the cohort explored and achieved. To see the lessons, stay tuned to Yulism’s social channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) for regular updates — where they will also share information on how to register for the next session, which will commence in the autumn.  

What is Yulism?

Yulism exists to connect visitors into local social and professional ecosystems. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s unpack the name of this company. Yulism references the official international airport code for the Montréal–Trudeau International Airport: YUL. Add “-ism” — a suffix used in philosophy to define specific ideologies — and, voila, we have a nouveau term that denotes the distinctive spirit of Montréal.

Founded by Stéphane Martel and Olivier Offman (who, notably, have helped develop C2 Montréal), Yulism helps business event organizers connect clients to the local community. They do this by setting up one-off sharing and networking activities with Montréal’s business, knowledge, and talent economies.

In their words, “We exist to spark meaningful human collisions.”


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