Montréal’s newest performance venue is perfect for online events

published on October 6, 2020
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Imaging a keynote speaker of an online event being able to see the faces of virtual attendees from around the world. This was the design inspiration for Montréal’s newest venue. It’s called L'espace Yoop (which translates as “Yoop Space”).

In short, L’espace Yoop is a fresh way to organize and broadcast virtual events, enabling both event planners and artists to distribute and monetize their content globally in a new interactive format. The cutting-edge venue is a type of “meeting of the minds” between two major players in Montréal’s event industries: TKNL (a veteran event organizing team) and Yoop (an entertain business focused on direct, global distribution). The result is a venue with an event planner’s sensibility for design details paired with a startup’s savviness for innovative technology.

L’espace Yoop could change how events and concerts happen, not just in Montréal but around the world.

How does it work?

Installed in the heart of Montréal’s entertainment district —in Place des Arts, home to the Montréal Symphony Orchestra— L’espace Yoop benefits from a location where event professionals have been focusing on lighting, sound, and backdrops for decades.

Keynote speakers, singers, lecturers, or actors perform live and in-person at L’espace Yoop in Montréal. No matter where they’re located around the world, attendees can participate via computer or using the Yoop mobile application (compatible with Android and iOS). Attendees can buy their "tickets" directly from the creators, artists, or speakers without any intermediary in order to access their events. To date, most local artists have charged between $8 and $20, which makes for a financially inclusive event.

The performance is recorded from several points of view, using several cameras. This makes the experience far more dynamic than an average Zoom or Skype call, and a higher quality than going live on Facebook or Instagram.

What does this mean for events?

The huge differentiating factor of L’espace Yoop is that images of the audience can be projected across some sixty screens located behind the performers, which creates the sense of everyone being in the room together. The viewer can choose to be “public” and share their reactions, or simply watch without activating their own cameras.

This is arguably the closest incarnation of in-person events that we’ve seen so far. Up to this point, many performers have stated that the lack of audience presence or engagement makes online broadcasting a bit dull.

L’espace Yoop changes the game: the synergy of live events is now available for online events.


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