Effervescence: A prestigious event for the life sciences sector

published on March 11, 2021
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Effervescence is an international gathering of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, and up-and-comers in life sciences and health technology (LSHT). While the conference is organized and broadcasted right here in Montréal, the audience members will be tuning in from around the globe.

Taking place March 15 – 17, the conference presents an opportunity for professionals to make connections, start collaborations, recruit new talent, and forge partnerships in LSHT. This is not simply a great opportunity, it’s also a prime example of how a previous face-to-face event has pivoted to present an online offering.


New format, same opportunities

The previous edition of Effervescence — with the theme of “The Future of Life Sciences” — won the award for the Best Conference at the Canadian Event Industry Awards. The event was judged for its programming, achievement of defined measurables execution, logistics, speaker management, use of technology and objectives.

This year, audiences can expect the same quality, but with a twist: the event is virtual. The fact that it’s virtual comes with new challenges, yet also some fresh advantages. One of the main benefits of a virtual edition is that now anyone around the globe can participate in the event. After all, virtual options are an important way to reach more people, and to hopefully attract new attendees for future face-to-face meetings.


What’s on the agenda?

Over the course of three days, attendees will have access to a variety of activity types, including conferences, workshops, contests, and more. The speaker lineup includes a variety of medical experts, healthcare administrators, startup founders, professors, researchers, and managers.

Here are some of the main themes that will be explored this year:

  • Health data that changes the world
  • Emerging disruptive technologies in life sciences
  • Conversations with women entrepreneurs
  • The patient: A partner since day one
  • Transforming neurological research and care to change lives

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To incorporate an interactive element to their Effervescence experience, attendees can also participate in “Braindates.”  Not presentations and not lectures, Braindates are reciprocal conversations that stem from a shared interest. Sometimes they happen one-on-one and sometimes they take place in a group. Either way, they are an opportunity to engage on a deeper level with the content of the conference.

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Cheat Sheet

Event: Effervescence

Venue: Online [virtual]

Dates: 15-17 March 2021

Website: effervescencemtl.com/en

Email: info@effervescencemtl.com

Twitter: @EffervescenceV


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