The Eco-Sports Symposium is back!

published on March 17, 2022
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The Eco-Sports symposium is back this year.  The one-day event — which will take place on March 31 in Montréal — will focus on the “how” when it comes to creating sustainable athletic events. It’s an ideal symposium for organizers and event professionals, whether engaging on local, national, or international levels. 

First, what exactly is an eco-responsible event?

An eco-responsible event incorporates the principles of sustainable development at every stage of organization, right from the start of planning. By starting with an analysis of current realities and assessing potential major impacts, an eco-responsible event aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment and increase the positive social and economic benefits.

The annual eco-sports symposium

The eco-sports symposium on March 31 will be a unifying event for people and organizations in the field of sports and recreation who wish to reduce the environmental footprint of their activities while maximizing the socio-economic benefits. This is an opportunity to learn more about good event practices in the sports field and to share concrete solutions with other committed people.

The event is open to everyone, in particular to sports federations, associations, and organizations in the sports and leisure world. Also in attendance will be professional athletes, municipalities, sports facilities, leisure centres, and all other organizations that directly or indirectly participate in the worlds of sports, recreation, and sustainable development.


The morning program will offer a series of practical workshops for the implementation of eco-responsible measures and will include a choice of two workshops among four themes offered. Then lunch will be served. In the afternoon, attendees will gather for discussions in conferences and panels. The day will be concluded with a networking cocktail.

Program details and tickets are available here.

(NB: Content will be presented primarily in French.)



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