Earn Your Wings: Air Canada’s travel game returns

published on April 5, 2018

Back for its seventh instalment, Air Canada’s popular travel game Earn Your Wings makes commuting not only rewarding, but fun. More than just a bit of on-line distraction, Earn Your Wings rewards users with bonus Aeroplan miles – a particularly sweet incentive for the frequent business flyer.


It’s simple. Linked to purchases made with a participant’s Aeroplan number, the Earn Your Wings system keeps track of all flights booked between April 5 and May 11, 2018 and flown before June 29, 2018. Flights are rewarded with Wings – some destinations are worth more than others, and the yearly Super Destinations bring home the biggest numbers – and bonus Badges that can be converted into Aeroplan miles. Feeling up for a particular challenge? Some Badges require some fancy international footwork to complete – but the results are worth it.

On-board purchases and lounge check-ins (including at Montréal-Trudeau Airport’s stately Maple Leaf Lounge) are also eligible for bonus Wings. More than just an opportunity for on-line bragging rights, Earn Your Wings can potentially stretch those travel dollars up, up and away.


With a constantly growing list of international destinations served with direct flights from Montréal-Trudeau Airport (including a non-stop flight to Tokyo-Narita commencing this summer), Air Canada links Montréal to the world. In fact, five of the world’s seven continents are now served with regular flights (Australia within reach with a quick connection, Antarctica better reached by boat). Easily accessible from destinations as far afield as Casablanca, Shanghai, Bucharest and Tel Aviv, Montréal is the perfect gathering point.

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