This Montréal company is launching a new safety initiative specifically for events

published on November 12, 2020
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DX is a Montréal event furnishing and decor rental company. Established for several years now, they’re the sort of people you call when you want a space optimized for comfort and style.

And now they’re also optimizing for safety.

Prioritizing safety

Although large face-to-face events are not currently possible, DX continues to evolve its offering, establishing itself as a key player in the business tourism sector.

"As a supplier of event furniture, it is our responsibility to take concrete actions to ensure that the return of events, conferences and meetings, of all sizes, is achieved in complete safety," says Pierre-Étienne Chamard, founding president of DX.

Their response? Launching a new promise. DX is committing to do everything possible to minimize the spread of Covid-19 at events through their ZeroRisk promise. With this initiative, DX loudly affirms its commitment to respecting health standards relating to public safety, the health of the people who make up the industry, and, subsequently, their families and friends.

What exactly is ZeroRisk?

In short, ZeroRisk a commitment to concrete action to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible. Beyond traditional measures, such as wearing a mask, washing hands and taking employee temperatures, DX is exceeding the typical standards for cleaning furniture and meeting spaces.

"We were already cleaning the furniture diligently, when we were making installations for different event planners. The current situation has allowed us to take cleaning to another level; electrostatic sprayers are used, which sanitize the furniture and destroy bacteria that could have survived manual cleaning,” continues Mr. Chamard.

Since the pandemic, the company has also acquired new items that it did not have in its inventory before, such as contactless disinfection terminals and glass separators (made by Parraverre), designed to respect social distancing.


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