Tips for keeping attendee data safe and secure

published on May 30, 2019
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Every bit as important as the tangible pieces that come together to form an unforgettable event – the perfect venue, great accommodation and seamless transport there and back – are those intangible pieces of data and information about the VIPs, guests and attendees on their way to participate. And in a post-GDPR industry – requiring more stringent technical and organizational measures to protect user data – it’s vital to keep data safe. With close attention to these key areas of data security, it can be easier than you think.

Keep current with the latest updates

When it comes to whatever software you’ve chosen to use for your event, it’s important to keep on top of software security updates as the latest versions include the strongest protections. As some viruses occasionally pose as updates, it’s also important to keep vigilant on updating only from trusted developer websites. With the latest shields, your attendee data stays locked up tight, accessible only to those who need to know.

Always keep a backup

As information moves into the cloud, it’s easy to think the days of physical backups are over. But often when data in the cloud is gone, it’s gone, so we’d suggest always keeping a hard-drive backup – or even two – to make extra sure you won’t come up empty-handed. Not to mention, it’s difficult to regain attendees’ trust after a loss of data that could have been averted with some extra preparation.

Pick the perfect passwords – and switch them up regularly

Attendees trust you with their information, so much like leaving your bike out on the street locked to a post, the better the lock the stronger the security. While it’s tempting to stick with quick and easy password like 1-2-3-4, the longer and more complicated the passcode the better. Include punctuation, capital letters and numbers, and expand your passwords beyond just a simple word. Use a favourite line from a movie or an inside joke and share it only on a need to know basis. It’s also worth a regular change of password to refresh and re-strengthen your security. Better yet, a dual-authentication login system is an added layer of protection – and worth the extra moments it takes to prove ones identity.

Keep malware at bay

One of the most important investments you can make to protect attendee data is in tested and true anti-virus software. Add anti-viral shields to your e-mail programs – especially those you’re using to communicate with attendees – so each message in and out is cleaned of any risk. And it’s just as important to also keep your anti-malware programs updated alongside your other software, to ensure that information is in an impenetrable cyber Fort Knox.

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