Cross-border meetings as easy as 1-2-3

published on October 19, 2017
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When planning your future meetings and conferences, selecting Montréal brings a tantalising international flair to the proceedings for your guests and attendees. And while hosting an event in Montréal does require the extra steps of getting your materials and delegates within Canada’s borders, with a modicum of pre-planning this process can be smooth and simple.

Here’s how.


Several well-respected customs broker companies operate in Montréal, specializing in wrinkle-free cross-border meeting preparation and finding one to suit your needs is a breeze. We spoke with Diane Labbé Deegan, the co-founder of ConsultExpo and herself a customs broker with over 20 years’ experience, to explain the process of getting you and your events to Montréal.


Once your customs broker has joined the team, you’re ready to start the ball rolling. Following a one-page event registration form with the Canada Border Services Agency, it’s time to hand over the in-Canada reins to your broker and focus on the details that will keep your event first and foremost in the minds of your participants.

Enjoy the freedom of building the big picture experience for your guests while your customs broker works behind the scenes to pull together the necessary on-site minutiae. All steps from shipping to liaising with exhibitors and the CBSA are handled by your broker, from the earliest days of planning to in-person assistance on the day of the event.


Things can change quickly, so savvy planners check back regularly to government website to keep up to date on any changes in documentation requirements. Include a link to the Government of Canada’s easy to navigate Visit Canada site on your conference website and in other communication tools to keep your attendees prepared and up to date.

Last year, the Government of Canada introduced the eTA, the Electronic Travel Authorization system, that is now required for many travellers. It’s easy to fill out online and just takes a few minutes. The video below lays it all out like a well-packed suitcase – and making sure you have space for all your conference outfits is a more complicated process!


Check out Business Events Canada’s Youtube channel canadameetings for quick video answers to your FAQ, from paperwork to brokerage, most answered by friendly Canadian Border Service agents looking forward to welcoming you and your events to Montréal. Ready, set, go!


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