Montréal’s convention centre launches new pop-up self-care stations

published on October 18, 2022
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Escape, rest, recharge — this is the purpose of a new initiative at Montréal’s convention centre. Local spa masters Strom Spa Nordique have opened a new “ephemeral space” at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The purpose is to offer moments of relaxation and well-deserved breaks with a selection of calming services.

Let’s all chill

Whether attending a conference or simply passing through the building, guests can punctuate the day with a moment of rejuvenation away from the frenzy of spreadsheets and deadlines. With the relaxing hanging chairs, it’s possible to sway gently while reading or listening to a guided meditation by Dawn Mauricio, a pioneer in the world of mindfulness. Alternatively, guests can listen to a wellness-focused podcast while sitting comfortably in the Nordic design setting.

New relaxation experiences

Tension can often be reduced by blocking out stimulation or removing stressors. With the Zerobody Experience, guests lie on a heated water mattress that envelops the entire contours of the body. The effect of suspension and weightlessness is immediate, and the relaxation experience goes deeper with a guided mindfulness meditation.

Another option is Lumino-meditation. Combine the benefits of light therapy and meditation with the Psio lumino-meditation experience. This relaxing technology offers options of various lengths with a specific goal of wellness in mind.

Give the gift of relaxation to your attendees

Organizing a meeting at the convention centre? Reach out to Strom Nordic Spa and discover the options for workshops, on-site experiences, exclusive offers, and more. The ephemeral space will be open until September of 2023.


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