3 New things to know about Montréal’s convention centre

published on October 21, 2021
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A few things remain unchanged for Montréal’s convention centre. For instance, it still has a fantastic downtown location, and it continues to be an architectural gem. But many other things are evolving. Known formally as the Palais des congrès de Montréal, the city’s convention centre has been embarking on a revolutionary path for several years, as part of a larger strategic transformation. Event professionals will want to know about these changes.

Unfamiliar with Montréal’s convention centre? This article—entitled What is the Palais des congrès de Montréal? — provides a quick introductory.

Now, let’s see what’s new.

A new way to visit

With seven floors, 113 multipurpose rental spaces, and 47,265 sqm (508 756 sq. ft.) of floor space, the Palais has everything needed to host all types of events. Now you can see the various spaces of the Palace (in all their magnitude) thanks to a new virtual tour.

Accessed from anywhere in the world, the virtual tour provides a lens into the hybrid studios, the reception areas, the artwork, the exhibition rooms, the VIP rooms, and more.

Discover the Palais’s virtual visits…

A new website

The Palais’s website has a new look! Redesigned to provide an optimal browsing experience, the new site brings together all the information event professionals need to plan gatherings — whether face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid.

On the new site you’ll find new themes, learn more about the sustainable development initiatives, discover the new studios, and discover more about how the Palais operates.

See the new Palais website…

A ground-breaking new CEO

This summer, Emmanuelle Legault became the first female CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Appointed by the Council of Ministers for a five-year term, Legault offers 20+ years of experience as a top-level strategic manager. Her ability to maintain collaborative networks and nurture ties with business partners and government institutions will be an asset for the Palais.

We’re especially excited because Legault has worked with Tourisme Montréal (that’s us) for more than ten years. In other words, the collaborative relationship between the convention centre and the tourism bureau will continue for many years to come. 

Learn more about the new CEO of the Palais…

Bonus item: OASIS

Did you know that the Palais is home to one of Canada’s coolest art installations? Located on the ground floor of Montréal’s convention centre — the Palais des congrès de Montréal — OASIS immersion is a walkable, no contact sensory experience featuring three immersive galleries, two dazzling light installations, and a lounge area with a café and a boutique. It’s a guaranteed “wow” experience.



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