Connect&GO’s Safeband is a Montréal innovation bringing us back together safely

published on July 1, 2020
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During this time of social distancing, much thought has gone into how we’re going to once again safely gather for work and meetings, and Montréal’s Connect&GO has come to the rescue with Safeband. A simple device worn on employees and attendees, Safeband keeps track of distance between people and provides contact tracing information to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

How it works

Safeband can be worn as a watch or elsewhere on the body, and communicates messages to the wearer via LED lights and built-in vibrations when social distancing is breached. These subtle, individual notifications give gentle reminders about the importance of safe distance to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection, and help offices avoid lengthy shutdowns while allowing that long-awaited return to in-person chit-chat around the water cooler. Safeband is also a perfect innovation for small meetings and gatherings that allows us to once again meet face to face, resuming that IRL feeling we’ve all been missing during this spring’s video conferencing.

The future of safe interactions

Safeband also keeps tabs on interactions between wearers via unique IDs, issued anonymously to protect privacy and accessible only by the platform admin. Should an individual test positive for Covid-19, all those with whom they interacted with can easily be informed and the spread stopped in its tracks. Allowing contact tracing between attendees and office workers means keeping Covid-19 contained.

Let Safeband do the worrying

We’ve all experienced uncertainty as to just how far is far enough, and simple activities can now be stressful when the added layer of distancing is in play. But with Safeband at work, it’s easy to once again focus on the important things at work and events – another Montréal innovation we’re proud of.

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