Make some noise for Cheerfest Montréal 2020! ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺

published on February 4, 2020
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Montréal is a city of sports, with a proud Olympic history, more than our fair share of iconic sports moments, a packed annual schedule of major sporting events and trophies on the mantelpiece as the CTSA’s Top Sports City. We’re also pros of cheering on the competition, including Cheerfest Montréal on February 8 and 9, 2020, bringing together the most awe-inspiring competitive stunt groups from across Canada and beyond on their way to the World championships.

1-2-3-4 – tell us all a little more!

Held in the Stade IGA, also home to the annual Rogers Cup presented by National Bank, over 2,300 cheering cheerleading fans pack the stands to watch their favourite teams jump higher, spin faster and land it all cleanly in aim of the title. There’s $20,000 in prizes waiting, and the winners will also make their way to the 2020 World Magic Championship in Mexico. For sheer acrobatic skill and prowess, Cherfest Montréal guarantees to set eyes-a-popping and feet-a-stomping in excitement and awe.

Who’s the fairest of them all – get on your feet for Montréal!

With an unbeatable range of sport facilities, offsite venues and a sports-loving populace, Montréal is an easy choice for your next sporting event or sports-related meeting. Alongside major international events like the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2020 (at the Bell Centre, home to our hockey team the Montréal Canadiens), the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada and 2020 NHL Draft, Montréal plays host to a full range of sporting events and meetings ranging from skateboarding to diving, stunt climbing to track and field. And our love of teamwork extends to our collaborative approach to gold medal events, offering one point of contact to connect you with the best that Montréal has to offer. Now gimme an M! Gimme a T! Gimme an L! What’s that spell? MTL!

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