The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal has its eyes on recovery

published on June 15, 2021
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The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal (CCMM) is an association of businesses and businesspeople in the Greater Montréal area. In its own words it serves to "act as the voice of Montréal's business community and to promote the prosperity of the city and its businesses."

The organization has a long history in the city.  Founded in 1822, the CCMM has as played a key role in the economic, social, and cultural growth of Montréal over its many decades. More recently, the CCMM has launched a campaign to recognize the contribution of its pillar partners to the city’s prosperity and to name the guiding principles of the future.


Guiding Principles of the future

The Montréal business community will inevitably rely upon the mobilization of high-level partners for the successful economic relaunch of Montréal. These pillars have launched initiatives that embody the guiding principles for our economic relaunch. With six distinct visual identities, these Guiding Principles describe the directions the relaunch must take and the foundations upon which it must rest.

  1. The relaunch has to put people first. People are the most valuable assets businesses have. Preserving the health and quality of life of the people who make up our organizations is essential to our collective prosperity and a successful economic relaunch.
  2. The relaunch has to be inclusive. Recognizing the contribution of all groups to society, openness to diversity in all its forms, respecting everyone’s rights and equal opportunity for all citizens must be priorities for a successful relaunch.
  3. The relaunch has to be green. To be truly sustainable, the relaunch has to take into account environmental concerns and help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  4. The relaunch must foster a strong, local economy that is open to the world. The relaunch must bring out the full potential of the local economy while maximizing the presence of local businesses on foreign markets.
  5. The relaunch has to allow us to build the economy of the future. We have to leverage our creativity, our sense of innovation, and our knowledge economy to respond to society’s challenges, increase business productivity, and enhance our contribution to economic development.
  6. The relaunch depends on everyone’s commitment. The success of the relaunch depends on the buy-in and sustained participation of actors from every sphere of our economy and recognizing the value of our individual and collective work.


Calls for creative projects!

Along with the Guiding Principles project, the CCMM is launching a call for creative projects that will be deployed in the private and semi-private spaces of the expanded downtown area: halls of buildings, circulation corridors, interior courtyards, food fairs, plazas, and parking lots, etc.

The CCMM wants to make it easier for creators to connect with property managers and owners. Interested organizations can demonstrate their interest by proposing a project for one of the available private spaces in the downtown area. The CCMM will put you in touch with the owner or manager if there is mutual interest.

For more information, visit the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal.



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