Montréal is Canada’s cybersecurity capital (and here’s why)

published on August 19, 2021
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The control over access to information has never been more important. With the rise of remote work and the increase of internet-based financial transactions, organizations are acutely aware of the importance of protecting data. To meet the increasing demand for security solutions, a surge of new companies is emerging. This field is called cybersecurity. 

When searching for innovative cities to establish headquarters, many cybersecurity businesses are choosing Montréal. Why is that?

Montréal is a safe bet

Cybersecurity is a hot sector in Montréal thanks to the city’s innovative business environment and its huge pool of skilled workers. Furthermore, as Canada’s university capital, Montréal has a variety of educational institutions and specialized training programs dedicated to training the next generation of experts in the space. In fact, several Montréal universities have created programs — such as Concordia’s Centre for Cybersecurity —  to meet the growing demand for digital security specialists.

And one of the biggest reasons why international cybersecurity companies are setting up shop in Montréal is simply because there’s already a supportive business community for cybersecurity companies in Montréal. Just look at the numbers*:

  • 17,000 cybersecurity specialists
  • 107,500 IT jobs
  • 5,240 IT companies

Research and rewards

Many world-renowned researchers in cybersecurity — including Mourad Debbabi, Benoît Dupont José Fernandez and Gabriela Nicolescu — also call Montréal home, giving companies the chance to learn from the brightest minds in the field. 

Additionally, Montréal has the most competitive operating cost in North America for software development, as well as advantageous tax credits. Combine all these factors, and you get fertile opportunities for companies in the cybersecurity sector.

A secure city to meet

Many organizations and conference planners are subsequently looking to Montréal when searching for a destination to host their cybersecurity events. By selecting the city, their delegates can connect with the local cybersecurity community, rub elbows with renowned keynote experts, see what regional experts are working on, and establish new business connections.   

Want to start planning?

We have a worry-free solution for planning meetings in a post-pandemic world. It’s called the Guaranteed Worry-Free Pledge. From flexible cancellation policies to access to experts specialized in hybrid events to our own safety protocol, we cover every detail. All you have to think about is planning an unforgettable event.



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