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published on May 16, 2024
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There's no such thing as “business as usual” at C2 Montréal. Instead, each year C2 turns conference conventions on their head at an event that — with its inspiring speakers, compelling performers, immersive installations, playful brainstorming experiences, custom-designed site and world-class cuisine — brings all of Montréal’s creativity to bear.

Connecting for success

C2 Montréal — C2 stands for “commerce and creativity” — is, above all, a collaborative networking event designed to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and social change-makers tap into their own creativity in order to better face challenges in their fields. It’s specifically designed to help participants connect with other professionals they might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet. The 13th edition of C2MTL takes place from May 21 to 23, 2024, at the city’s famed Grand Quay of the Port Montréal.

Over the course of three days, attendees will participate in challenging and eye-opening collaborative sessions, unique brainstorming experiences and an array of networking opportunities. And, of course, it all revolves around a packed roster of inspiring speakers, which in the past has included Francis Ford Coppola, Jane Fonda, Georges St. Pierre, Martha Stewart, Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Steve Wozniak and Billie Jean King, to name but a few.

World-class programming

C2 is one of the few places you’ll find, as is the case this year, a JPL/NASA creative strategist, a Cree Nation Grand Chief and a groundbreaking scientist sharing the stage with a socially conscious tech warrior, a climate justice community builder, and an acclaimed futurist artist. Dozens of other field-leading speakers, experts and interviewers will fill out the rest of the lineup this year. Find the full list speakers here.

For the first time, each day of the event this year is dedicated to a theme of current high relevance. The theme of Day 1 is Experiential & Immersive, which will see attendees addressing questions around rapid advancements in an increasingly tech-mediated world (AR and VR, for example). Day 2 is Sustainability & Innovation, and delves into the shift away from consumer-centric narratives and what it really means to be sustainable on all fronts. And Day 3, AI & Commerce, will explore alternative intelligences alongside artificial intelligence.

Discover the full C2 Montréal 2024 programming here.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key

One of the highlights of C2MTL every year are the signature immersive and interactive sessions called Labs. Often playful and experiential, Labs — workshops designed to give participants an opportunity to explore a range of themes in small groups in creative settings — and coaching sessions are one of the highlights of each edition, and this year is no exception. Their titles alone give an idea of what’s to come. For example: “Are these thoughts mine?”, “Relevant or obsolete: A gameshow” and “Neurodiverlasagna.”

Of special note, C2MTL will once again be offering the Braindate experience. Always one of the most popular features of the event, Braindates are connection opportunities arranged using the Braindate platform; peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing meetups that take place either one-on-one or in small groups at the Braindate Lounge during the event. They provide a chance to share one’s own expertise, or ask a fellow attendee about theirs, as well as meet inspiring individuals or potentially a new business partner.

A spectacular new site

All of the above merits a location to match. This year, the world’s big thinkers will have an equally expansive new space to stretch their ideas out in. As mentioned, this year C2MTL is relocating to the Grand Quay in the Old Port, a historic pier that has been modernized and is home to numerous multi-use contemporary spaces while preserving its maritime heritage. For its part, C2MTL has created a meticulously detailed, campus-style configuration that is designed to facilitate ease of movement and interaction. And it’s all enhanced by a striking river view — the perfect place to forge new connections throughout a wholly unique experience.


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