Boxotel: a smart hotel in a smart location

published on November 24, 2016
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Montréal’s accommodation options have been diversified once again. Boxotel offers a fresh option for visitors who wish to settle in and feel nested during their stay in the city. The six-floor hotel offers 20 suites, an art gallery, a café, a spa and a 980 square-foot terrace with impressive views over the neighborhood. Located in the Quartier des Spectacles, the Boxotel makes an ideal option for extended-stay business travellers who also want easy access to Montréal’s thriving entertainment district.


One of the most noteworthy offerings of Boxotel is the idea of a “modular” space. Essentially this means the suites offer a greater amount of personalization than the average hotel room. Guests are able to adapt their apartment in a variety of ways, such as arranging the configuration of the table, hiding the murphy bed, controlling how much light enters the space and more.


The hotel is putting “local” at the heart of its offering. By using regionally-crafted products, they’re helping to reduce their carbon impact while simultaneously supporting local business. Furthermore, automation of room temperature, solar thermal panels for hot water and an architectural design that maximizes efficiency (such as sun-oriented windows) also help to make this property an eco-friendly choice.


Located inside Boxotel, the 175B gallery is a fresh, multidisciplinary space that will welcome a diverse selection of events and expositions. The focus of the gallery is to promote contemporary works of Québec and Canadian artists, but the space will be available for event planners to use as a setting for everything from cocktails to product launches to seminars.


Hotel: Boxotel
Address: 175 rue Ontario East
Services: Free Wi-Fi, onsite café, catering, exercise facilities, spa, art gallery
Twitter: @boxotel

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