Best face masks for actually talking face-to-face

published on September 15, 2020
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The must-have fashion accessory for 2020? Unquestionably it’s the face mask. Earlier this year, we talked about Montréal designers turn masks into fashion, including Demain Demain’s masks made in Québec from organic cotton. From plaid to tassels (and plenty of options in between), designers are getting creative.

While face masks are an important tool to stop the droplets that lead to the spread of viruses, the downside is that they can hinder communication. Many of us have been in situations where we raised our voices, not out of anger but because face masks can muffle our message.

Now we’ve scoured the Internet for the most appealing masks that encourage conversation. Here are five of our favourites.

The Clear Mask

Developed by a hearing-impaired woman who had trouble communicating with her healthcare providers, the mask enables the visibility of the mouth. An anti-fog coating minimizes fogging when the wearer is speaking or breathing. The minimum purchase is a box of 24 masks, but perhaps this a perfect quantity for a small gathering. Tip: the non-medical grade is ideal for events—save the medical grade for health practitioners!

Anti-Fog See-Through Mask

Made from 100% cotton frame, this mask features an anti-fog plastic window and adjustable elastic ear loops. Non-medical grade and hand washable. At the moment, you can add a donation to the purchase of a mask and 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping teachers and students create safe and productive learning environments.

Optical-themed clear panel mask

A great option for those who want mouth visibility and some fun design patterns. Handmade 100% cotton face mask with a clear vinyl window for lip reading and easier communication. Nose wire to help with a nice secure fit. While many masks are one-size-fits-most, this one is actually available in three sizes.


The Teacher Mask

Designed specifically to help teachers better communicate, this elegant clear face mask is also relevant for any other social situations. Cleans by using disinfectant wipes or soap and water. Comes in black or flower print.



Marketed as “the mask that smiles,” the Jabbermask is the world’s first fully interactive face mask. While it might not be something you wear at a corporate board meeting, it is a fun product that holds the potential to be part of a team-building activity that attendees will never forget. Currently, the mask is still in development, but you can pre-order (or simply support the product) via their official Kickstarter campaign.


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