Archery, rage cage teambuilding at Sports de Combats

published on March 22, 2018
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Montreal is a world-class city known for being the unofficial culture capital of Canada, boasting great work-life balance with a focus on families, and having a strong sporting community. It’s not surprising then that Montreal has a long list of cool places to host a fun teambuilding activity. However, Sports de Combatsstands out for catering to a wide demographic and offering activities not found anywhere else, at least not all under one roof. 


Companies that want to give their staff the chance to pick up a lifelong hobby can have them try their hand at archery. The certified instructors at Sports de Combats will teach how to shoot steel-tipped arrows like a professional, instilling proper archery form into every shot. Many companies include archery as part of its team building itinerary because it’s a real skill that participants can take away, and some even take up archery as a hobby from having taken the lessons. Better yet, this activity is suitable for a wide age group – the archery members at Sports de Combats range from teens to late-40s.


Businesses love having the Rage Cage as part of their corporate event itinerary because they never get to see their coworkers in this type of setting – some people have probably talked about smashing a particularly frustrating piece of hardware at the office, but most have never actually done it, especially not in front of their coworkers. It makes for a fantastic story to talk about at the office! Fun fact: more women visit the Rage Cage than men – it’s about a 60/40 split.


Dodge, run, shoot, dodge again! That’s the order of business during combat archery and Nerf battle. These physically-demanding activities will get the adrenaline pumping, but also foster teamwork and competition as teams devise strategies to beat their opponents. As the first place in Montreal to offer Nerf battles, Sports de Combats boasts the largest Nerf arsenal and the most variety, with 300+ Nerf blasters and 20+ types of blasters.


The tale of the woodsman living out his days in the forest to forget the troubles of society bears some truth – all that axe swinging sure does relieve stress. Get some similar therapy by throwing axes and knives at a wooden target.

If you want to see what Sports de Combats looks like on the inside, feel free to pay them a visit and the staff will be happy to show you around, or take a 360° virtual tour. They also provide an information package in case you need help convincing your office.