Montréal is offering free “green desking” spaces this summer

published on June 30, 2022
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This summer Montréal is a haven for remote working. The city features numerous stunning coworking spaces and hotels with incredible spaces for logging some business hours. But that’s not it. During the warm months, both Montrealers and visitors have the opportunity to take advantage of stunning spaces for green desking.

What is green desking?

To understand green desking, it’s first helpful to understand “hot desking.” Hot desking is a rotational system of sharing desks. Workers are encouraged to maintain a sense of mobility with the idea that new relationships will form, and new synergy will result with regular relocation.

Now imagine hot desking in a beautiful, natural environment. That’s the essence of green desking. Sometimes these shared spaces are outdoors in either urban or rural environments, such as in a park or on a patio. But green desking could also include indoor spaces that designed to mimic lush environments, to optimize the emotional quality of being surrounded by nature.

Enter Aire Commune

One of the reasons Montréal is succeeding in the “green desking” movement is because of strong initiatives at street level (pun definitely intended). One of the companies leading the green desking revolution is Aire Commune and their free outdoor workstation pilot project. The non-profit organization has a mission to dynamize the urban experience through the creation of shared spaces (including their project called “Ilots d'été”) and through the organization of events.

What are “Ilots d'été”?

Directly translated, “Ilots d'été” simply means “summer islets.” Essentially, they are shared workspaces located outdoors. This means that green desking is now available — for free — across the city. The network includes 40 spaces strategically positioned throughout Montréal, each offering Wi-Fi, electricity, shade from the sun, and seating.

Why work outside?

The benefits of outdoor work are numerous. Forbes Magazine published an article — entitled 5 Data-Backed Ways Working Outdoors Can Improve Employee Well-Being — which highlighted the benefits of working outdoors. In a nutshell, the benefits include increased happiness, reduced inflammation, more energy, improved memory, and stress relief. So, the question isn’t “if” we should be working outside, but “when” are we going to meetup?

Montréal’s outdoor workstations (Ilots d'été) will be available until October.


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Company: Aire commune

Location: Across the city! (Head office: 107 rue de Louvain Ouest)


Instagram: @airecommune + @ilots.dete


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