5 things from C2 Montréal 2019 to inspire your next event

published on May 28, 2019
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Each year, the C2 Montréal conference transforms Montréal into a hotbed of creative thinking and networking amongst some of the world’s leading business minds, and this year was no exception. From marquee appearances from figures like groundbreaking filmmaker Spike Lee to local game changer Dax Dasilva, to unforgettable workshops and installations, here’s five things we positively loved about C2 2019 that are perfect to inspire your next meeting.

Explore new venues

For its 2019 edition, C2 moved to the mammoth MTL Grandé Studios, a working film studio used by major international productions. With the aesthetic of specially built structures within an epic space gave the conference the feel of both a once in a lifetime experience, and something changeable and adaptable for upcoming years and events. We loved the sensation of walking where superheroes have trod before, in a venue teeming with creative energies.

Show off an up-and-coming neighbourhood

Past editions of C2 played a large role in revitalizing the Quartiers du Canal neighbourhoods, now a bustling part of Montréal and one of the hottest zones in the city for meetings and events. This year’s edition moved southwest to Pointe Saint-Charles, an up-and-coming borough with a surprise around every corner. The neighbourhood’s hard-working Irish roots still shine through, and the tree-lined streets and cute apartment buildings around the C2 site offered opportunity for charming strolls and interaction with locals during downtime. By highlighting a part of Montréal new to most attendees, C2 2019 also brought another neighbourhood into the spotlight.

Two words: Goat yoga

Of all the mind-expanding activities at C2, one of the most memorable was goat yoga. And yes, you read that right! Presented by Facebook, each morning offered the opportunity to practice yoga moves with a batch of cute and cuddly goats to clear the mind before a day of experience and networking.

At every opportunity, keep it on brand!

When it comes to branding, the organizers of C2 crossed all their t’s and dotted all their i’s, with clever brand presence throughout the neighbourhood. One great example: during a spring shower, guest services distributed sleek black umbrellas (with brightly-coloured interiors) emblazed with the C2 logo. The streets of Pointe Saint-Charles were almost instantly a moving advertisement for the conference, and attendees were kept dry from the downpour.

Keep it stylish

Each year, C2 dresses to impress with outfits for their staff ranging from gate check-in personnel to guest services and beyond. Last year’s on point orange suits (with de rigeur exposed ankles) were this year replaced with more subdued looks from grey blazers to denim tops paired with black slacks, and zip up jackets with subtle floral prints. And while the looks weren’t available to take home, there was at least a hip black and white cap on sale to act as the perfect reminder of another stylish C2.

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