3 reasons every American will want to have a valid passport

published on May 1, 2018
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Put simply, keeping engaged in the global economy is easy with just a valid passport in hand. Inexpensive, accepted everywhere and a simple process to obtain, it’s a necessity for business mobility. While the number of Americans with valid passports has increased to an all-time high of 42% (up leaps and bounds from 4% in 1990), the USA still falls somewhat behind other English-speaking countries like the UK (where 76% hold a passport) and Canada (66% of the population’s passport is valid and ready for travel).

One of the best forms of identification

As I.D.’s go, a valid passport is at the top of the photo I.D. food chain. Valid for a period of 10 years, passports not only provide international mobility but the necessary identification required for a slew of local and national requirements. From government offices to nightclub doormen, nobody turns their nose up at a passport.

As the face of business, meetings and conferences changes to include more esoteric and far-off host locations, providing your attendees with some helpful tips to getting a passport has become a necessity. And best of all, it’s easier than they think.

Getting a passport is easy-peasy

The passport application process has simplified in recent years, currently a relatively painless process that can be started online. The Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Travel.State.Gov website even includes a Fee Calculator to break down the costs – in most cases, an inexpensive $110 scores a passport valid for a full decade of travel, and in some cases companies may pay for it or it may be tax deductible. Calculate that over 10 years and it comes to less than $1 a month for the next 120 months.

This online resource also includes links to any necessary forms, information on photo requirements (although most drugstores and independent photographers take them in a snap), a list of locations to apply in person and a breakdown on processing times. Renewing can be completed by post when the time comes.

Expanding the horizons for your meetings and events

As a valid passport moves from a Nice-to-Have to a Need-to-Have item in everyone’s carry-on luggage (it’s also on its way to becoming necessary for some interstate travel to boot), the possibilities for future events becomes almost limitless. We’ve written about the ease of cross-border meetings in the past – proving that a valid passport is in the interest of any meeting attendee.