3 great reasons to bring your meeting to Montréal

published on February 22, 2018
What's New in Montréal

Montréal is more than just a beautiful city. Sure, our reputation for being a European-influenced destination is true. And, yes, you can point your camera in any direction and snap a beautiful photo. However, we’re more nuanced than steamy plates of poutine and handsome neighborhoods. For example, we are one of North America’s busiest port cities, and we punch above our weight when it comes to creative exports.

Why should you consider the city for your meeting? Here are three reasons to start planning an event in Montréal.

1. Montréal is a magnet for international business. Why do over 60 governmental and non-governmental IOs have headquarters in Montréal? Because the city is the perfect balance of sophistication and affordability. The International Civil Aviation Organization, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity — to name a few — all call Montréal home. Furthermore, we’re leaders in a few important business sectors, such as Neuroscience, Aerospace, Cardiology and Oncology Research. We are also one of the world’s best cities to be a student!


You’ll find it easy to connect with local leaders and visionaries in your domain.

2. Montréal is easy to access. Visitors can fly direct from an increasing list of important international cities, such as Beijing, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Lima and Shanghai. Air Canada flies non-stop between Montréal and wide variety of major U.S. business hubs including New York City, Chicago, Las Angeles and Orlando. They’ve also recently increased service to Washington, DC (IAD) and added non-stop flights to Dallas and Phoenix. It’s never been easier to visit Montréal.


Your attendees can increasingly reach Montréal with direct flights — meaning less time in transfer and more time together.

3. Montréal is made of people with diverse backgrounds and languages. New census data has determined that not only are we Canada’s most bilingual city, we’re also the most trilingual. More than 21% of Montrealers can speak at least three languages. That creates a rich linguistic and cultural fabric in the city. We are open to new ideas and we love to innovate. We speak your language.


Montréal is perfect for growing your international membership and attendance.