10 of the most exciting new startups in Montréal you need to know

published on March 29, 2018
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Montréal is taking its place at the forefront of finance, education, the sciences (check out these accomplishments in neuroscience and oncology) and technology (a proud world capital of AI research and development). Such an inspiring setting prompts creativity and fosters new ideas ready to take the world by storm, which makes it little surprise that Montréal was rankedin first place for raising the most startup funding of any Canadian city in 2017.

To take tabs on the latest and greatest happening in town, we reached out to Sergio Escobar, managing director at the Founder Institute, and noted local entrepreneur and writer of SwellLP Maurice for their list of who’s making waves in Montréal. Here’s their picks of the most exciting new startups getting down to business. 


Now active in over 125 cities worldwide, Transit presents real-time public transit information including a multitude of alternate route suggestions including bike-sharing and walking shortcut possibilities. Bonus points for their Twitter: it may be the funniest – yet most informative – handle we’ve come across. 


Local Logic collects and shares location characteristics to assist prospective buyers – and real estate professionals – in finding just the right spot. Scores ranging from walkability, nearby transit and even street sound levels paint a virtual picture of the location before even setting foot on the property. 


Unito syncs multiple project management apps fostering greater connectivity between teams far and wide, reaching across platforms like Basecamp, Trello, Bitbucket, GitHub and others. They’ve also just recently added some exciting new names to their investor rolls (including 500 Startups) and it’s only up from here. 


Assisting on-line retailers with the headaches of returns, Return Magic makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to return, replace and refund. Fully flexible in terms of branding, Return Magic understands the most important element of the best magic tricks – never seeing behind the curtain. 


Ever get the impression that you’re maybe a little bit psychic? PlayTheFuture blends pop culture savvy and hints of ESP into a game of prediction ranging from sports competition results to Oscar winners. We predict big things – and it seems we’re not alone. 


Bridging the gap faced by businesses to transition towards the digital futures of Industry 4.0, Bridgr assists every step of the way. Forming connections with experts, technology, project management and other resources, Bridgr is taking corporations into the future. The Mega SuperCluster in Advanced Manufacturing is now also playing a part, giving Bridgr an important role in the development of Canadian business.


Connecting artists with mentorship, Mentorly aims to create an interdisciplinary network of artists to foster growth and exchange ideas between professional generations and skill levels. Bravo! 


Finding a rental property has never been easier than with Cube, an online resource that helps connect renters and owners based on specific search criteria. Via a 20-point inspection checklist, renters can set out exactly what they’re looking for while owners can list what their properties have to offer. Now if only there was an app to pack. 


Connecting Canadian employees and companies with virtual healthcare assistance, including video consultation and referrals, Dialogue aims to streamline and enrich workplace healthcare on all levels. It’s like having a team of medical professionals at your fingertips from the comfort of your desk. 


Need a robot or a new work desk to specific specifications ASAP – like tomorrow? Vention is a web-based CAD capable of designing industrial equipment and robotics within minutes, with guaranteed next-day shipping. 3D printing facilities are also on hand, and flat-pack assembly is easy as a snap. 

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